Friday, May 27, 2011


Please don't pay any attention to the dates at the beginning of the posts of this blog.  I wanted it to be readable from the beginning of the trip to the end.  not backwards like most blogs.  so I changed the dates so it would post like I wanted.
The trip started on June 24 and ended July 27.  33 days, 12,717 miles

Well we are officially 19 days from the ride of a lifetime!  There is a lot that I have accomplished in my packing, but a lot more I have still to do!  My dirt tires (TKC80's) came in along with a front tire (Tourance)  I received most of the necessities I will need for the trip and pretty much just have the side cases to make for the bike.  I have the standard plastic BMW side cases that came with the bike, but they are way too small so I got a 4x10 sheet of aluminum and will make some side cases (panniers) to mount on the side frames that I just finished welding up.  After that I will just need to finish up some insurance information and be on my way.  
I will post a map of the route we are planning to take.  My buddy from high school Keith is joining up with me in Coeur d'Alene ID  where we will start heading North!
I hope you all will travel along with us from your computers as we try to portray through pictures and video what the top of the world is like!

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