Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Journey Begins

As may countdown clock on my website reached the final seconds, I was still fast asleep recovering from two days in the sim for may biannual airplane recurrency. I arrived home just before midnight and decided that 6am was not gonna happen. Instead I got a good nights rest and finished up a few last minute adjustments and started packing. It's amazing thinking that just two years ago I started planning for this trip, put the count down clock on the website and had a hard time imagining that it would ever reach zero. Now I would leave for 33 days and head up into the great unknown.

At 2:00 I was finally all packed and ready to hits the road. I said a
Hard good bye to my supportive family, and gingerly twisted the throttle toward asheville. The bike was very heavy, and thoughts started running through my mind of things that could break, fall off or fail from all the weight. But as I got a few miles under me, I became increasingly more comfortable with the way it handled. I knew that with my late start I would only get a few hundred miles today, and decided that at 7:00 I would stop and set up camp.
Rolling down the road with a bike topped off with bags an extra fuel tank and 2 tires really turns some heads. I already got a very nice email from a passer by that saw my website on my side cases. Emails like that really keep me inspired! Thanks Joyce!

I met a couple really nice guys at the gas station. One of them was an adventure rider also. It is always fun swapping stories and talking "bikes". Unfortunately gas stops take a lot of time for that reason, But it's all part Of the journey.

Fine dinning with 2 boxes of ramen!

I found a campsite right off the highway on the other side of Knoxville and as I type this I hear the rush of trucks and cars flying by, hurrying to get somewhere. The hustle and bustle of everyday life is everywhere and i wonder how many people even know what peace is really like? I cant wait until I leave all these noises behind and am able to gaze up at the majestic mountains as I ride to the "end of the road".

Yes I am sad to leave the family behind, my awesome wife who is very supportive and understanding never hesitated to encourage me to plan this trip. I thank you Maria for all the love you showed me through all my countless hours of research and ride reports that I stayed up into the night reading. Maybe you wanted me to do this to just be done with it already!

Night has finally arrived. Although the traffic continues to rush by, i can still hear the peaceful sounds of nature all around me are. Its time to get a good nights sleep and be ready for what the day will bring tomorrow.

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  1. This is awesome, man! Enjoy your trek! Have you read of Neil Peart (he's the drummer from Rush & fellow rider)?

  2. I Haven't but will look him up! Thanks!

  3. Day one down and a great post. I expect that they will get more and more interesting as the days go by and am looking forward to it. Ride Safe!

  4. Very cool John! Make sure and say hello to the Pertersen boys if you catch up with them out there.
    Take care.....Ryan Orrison

  5. HI John, Looking good. Wow! that bike is loaded. Have a great ride. God Speed.
    Erika,Don,Sam and Phil

  6. Hows the fuel tank/pump working? Sounds like a good start, wont be long before you find yourself in extreme solitude. Don't let the ride pass you by.

  7. I can pretty much feel the excitement oozing from your post...and a little trepidation as well :) Hope you evade a majority of the storms as you trek West.

  8. What an awesome adventure and a time to reflect on your life and become One with God. Nature calls to a man....beckons him to come and taste and see. Few are able to fulfill their dream, their heart's desire, but I know you will. Know that Ed and I will be praying for a safe and fulfilling trip for you. Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. My son and daughter-in-law live at Fort Richardson Alaska, I'm not sure if you'll be close to there but if you need a place to stay and some hot food, I'm sure they would love to assist. Take care my friend. Trina Mendoza