Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Preperation.....

Today I finished the mounting system on my Panniers.  I used 4 hockey pucks some bolts and wing nuts to connect them to the frames.  Now I will powder coat them and they will be done!  I also put on a new front tire as the old Tourance had over 15,000 miles on it!  There is still a ton of stuff to do like fixing the broken fence in the background that the wind storm knocked over.... Thats low on the priority list though...

 To break the bead extend your side stand and use the weight of the bike to push the bead down.  First make sure you secure your center stand with a strap so it won't fold!
 Tire Iron from Harbor Freight.  Cut it in 2 pieces.  works great.  I carry them on the bike all the time.

 To seat the bead, one trick is to ratchet a strap on the center of the tire to hold it down...

 cases.  all it needs is powder coating
 The back plastic case is an old Dewalt Drill case I will use for my laptop.  I have put silicon around the  lip to make sure it is waterproof before I start cutting the plastic molding inside.  If it works I will lay some high density foam for protection.

I used Hockey Pucks to mount my cases.  A wing nut is on the other side.  To remove the cases, just loosen the wing nut and push out the metal tab from the pucks, rotate away from the frame and pull case out.


  1. John, what made you choose the GS over, say, a V-Strom or something else?

  2. I'm 6'6" and the strom is just a little too small and uncomfortable for me. It's a great bike and my buddy Keith is riding his strom 1000. Another reason is, after watching Long Way Round I was sold on the GS!

  3. Your quite resourcefull! I like your tip for breaking the bed.

  4. Thanks Marc! I actually had to use that trick several times on my trip. a few times out in the middle of nowhere.