Sunday, May 22, 2011

10 more days.....

Yesterday  I spent finishing up my boxes.  I bought a powder coater and decided to try that as opposed to painting.  We'll see how that holds up on the dirt roads????  It turned out pretty nice.
Today I  did the valve adjustment which BMW recommends every 6,000 miles.  It actually runs a bit smoother!  I still need a Throttle Body Sync before I leave.  I want to do all I can to save gas.  Its pretty expensive up there.
Today I also made some holders for my camp fuel that I will rivet to the back of the left case.

Keith asked me if I knew what the regulations were for carrying fire arms into Canada.  I had read many different contradicting stories, so I called both the US and Canada.  Here is what I was told.
Canada:  "The barrel has to be 18.5 inches or longer, have a trigger lock, and a lockable case.  You need to fill out form CAFC909 (which can be googled and downloaded) and send them in or bring them with you when you cross the boarder."
United States:  "You need to register the gun with Customs BEFORE you leave the Country"  Not just register the gun, but it also has to be registered with Customs.  Keith already has taken care of that and we will have a shot gun and bear mace...which will probably be the first line of defense with bears since its more readily available then the gun....

I will be gone for work for the next 5 days which will put the packing on hold for now.  When I get back I will have a few days to finish up the packing list and head on out.

Right now the major things I need to do are the Throttle Body adjustment, brake fluid flush, oil change,  and pick up a couple more things from the store.

 I tried to find lockable latches but was unable to find anything I liked.  So I will have to listen to the rattle of a padlock...

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