Saturday, May 21, 2011

3 Days 8 Hours....

As I am wrapping up my final "to do" lists, There is always one more thing that has to be added.  The big things are done so far.  I got my aux tank powder coated and mounted (4 gallons), the side cases are done, the bike has had most of the maintenance done except an oil change, which will happen tomorrow.  Sunday I ran over a nail on my new rear tire.  I don't want to start an 11,000 mile trip with a patched tire, so I will mount another new tire tomorrow and use this one when I get back.

Tonight I will start putting my list together in one place and figure out how to pack it all in.

This is what it looks like around here with flat tires, and seat adjustments.  It all somehow comes back together quite easily though.

I got my throttle body's synced this evening, heading to BMW tomorrow to get some oil and a spare filter for the trip.  I plan on taking 4 quarts with me (somewhere) and change out the oil after the dirt roads.  I don't know how much oil is up there, but its not cheap down here!  Maybe I can tap into the oil line I will be riding next to???

 My aux tank holds 4 gallons and locks into place where the rear seat fits.

 Today I had to modify my seat a little.  I kept sliding forward, so I added a small foam piece to flatten it out.  it worked great on my ride into work...

My REI home for the next month.  2 man, extra long tent.

As the time approaches I still cant believe that its really happening!  I want to thank my great wife for all the help she has given me throughout my 2 year planning process.

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  1. May the FORCE be with you brother, Dave Thomson